“Diagnostic audit” or forewarned is forearmed!

Diagnostic-based audit inspection of Derepressible

it’s not a secret that today the most discussed topic at the enterprises of the food industry are changes in the Ukrainian legislation. They reflect the new requirements for the quality of food products.

In the new edition of the law of Ukraine on food safety has the responsibility for the operation of enterprises is not on the system “hazard analysis and critical control points” better known as HACCP. Primarily this will affect companies who are engaged in the primary processing of animal product, that is, enterprises engaged in meat, fish and dairy products. Conclusions about the “correctness” of the enterprise will be formed on the basis of a check sheet that looks like the questionnaire, it is not possible to deviate from the approved forms, and eliminates the maneuvering during the inspections.

For legal persons, fines in the amount from thirty to seventy-five minimum wages. On physical persons-entrepreneurs – in the amount from three to fifteen times the minimum wage and stop the production.

Our company with years of experience and offers You to undertake diagnostic audit on the basis of this list of issues. The result of this audit, you will see the real picture, on what level is Your company. As our company proposes to develop a list of corrective actions aimed at elimination of the revealed discrepancies.

the Order diagnostics of the enterprise on the basis of a list of issues Derepressible.

currently, our company carries out training of specialists of Demirtzoglou, increasing their level of awareness on international food safety standards. The last city visited by our experts through education – Vinnitsa, Khust(Transcarpathian region), kropyvnyts’ke, Chernivtsi, Vyshneve(Kyiv region).

Why you should order a “Diagnostic audit” of the company MNC:

– Our company has years of experience in building systems, food safety for over 15 years.
– We are the representatives of the international certification body TUV.
– Our specialists are accredited experts in food safety and international IRCA behalf of the world’s leading certification bodies.
– Failure to comply with the requirements of the legislation provide for penalties up to suspension of activity of the enterprise.
– It is Better to do well than constantly be subjected to inspections by Gospodarilor.

You choose to be a leader in the industry and meet the latest trends of international requirements for food safety or mouth rear and subject to constant checks.

Contact our Manager to receive a check sheet or order a diagnostic audit.