New service – a new approach to work!

What is this new service?

For nearly all of people in the post-Soviet space know such a thing as “Sanitary service”. You can have different attitudes to their activities, but this authority has gone down in history. More recently, namely on the 10th of September 2014 started its newly created “Demirtzoglou”, which deals with food safety and consumer protection.

The new service, and therefore a new approach to work! First, the main know-how is that this service combines 49 the statutory, regulatory and Supervisory institutions. The main policy work was the traceability of products “from field to table”. Another interesting innovation was the fact that now businesses require a working system of food safety (HACCP). For many in our country this system is little known, and the newly established office is no exception.

the HACCP System can be applied in any food industry. It is designed to mitigate the risks posed by potential physical, biological or chemical contamination of products, and provides control at all stages of its production and storage. HACCP certification is mandatory in the US, Canada, Japan, European Union countries.

The MNC Group conducts free training workshops!

As the proverb says: “Everything comes with experience”! Someone who, as here, the company MNS Groups not to take the experience, with more than 100 is implemented and certified systems, and a team of experienced experts-auditors on the system of food safety management. That’s why we decided to conduct workshops in an unusual form, conduct them on the basis of the regional directorates of Demirtzoglou, and invite them to all the market operators, teaching the principles of HACCP, talk about the difficulties they can face, respond to various questions.

Company MNC Group is a representative of the German certification company TUV Reyland, which in turn is one of the leading companies in the market providing certification services . Owning numerous international accreditations we are authorized to carry out technical supervision to certify Your management system and staff in accordance with international standards.

Attend a free training course “the introduction and use of permanent procedures based on the principles of the system of analysis of hazards and critical control points (HACCP), organization of monitoring studies”.

– August 1, 2017 – Kropivnitsky
– August 3, 2017 – Chernivtsi
– August 4, 2017 – Vyshneve, Kyiv region
– August 8, 2017 – Khmelnitsky

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