Group training


Our workshops are not just a story about applying the world experience of management in Ukrainian conditions, first of all, the transfer of relevant knowledge and skills acquired through successful work with many domestic companies. By visiting them, you will be able to get acquainted with the key ideas and technologies of forming a modern business management model.

As part of the training:
• lectures are read;
• practical classes and business games are conducted;
• there is an interactive interaction between the listeners and the teacher;
• Group work is done in simulation mode for specific situations.
The programs of the seminars are constantly updated, they take into account the changes taking place in the operating systems of management, and summarizes the experience of the latest projects implemented by us.

Group training from the Ministry of Emergencies
We offer the following forms of coaching:
• classes in our school based on the company;
• corporate seminars;
• training courses.

Classes at the School of the Ministry of Emergencies are conducted in an educational class equipped with modern demonstration equipment. Schedule and topics of the seminars are published on our site in the section “Group training”.
Corporate seminars can be conducted on an individual request basis. Their themes take into account the specifics of the activities and needs of specific enterprises. Training courses, including lectures and practices, are conducted in partnership with corporate universities and higher education institutions.

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International School of food in Ukraine - Academy of GMP +

Our company actively cooperates with operating on the basis of Odessa national Academy of food technologies International School of Feed (International School of Feed), which is the only in Asia and Eastern Europe Academy GMP+.

Academy GMP+ (GMP+ Academy) was created on the initiative of GMP+ International in collaboration with several academic institutions. The main goal of its activities is to share knowledge about the management of food safety at all levels and achieve the highest degree of safety in the production and marketing of feed products. The work of the International School of Feed aimed at training enterprises wishing to implement a GMP+standard.

The training course of the International School of Feed includes lectures, trainings, master-classes, practical classes. Upon completion of training, certified trainees receive certificates of professional development.

In the GMP+ Academy lectures only to accredited GMP+ consultants who have confirmed their qualifications in the GMP+ International.

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