Certification according to GMP+ standard in Ukraine

GMP + is a recommendation containing the flexible manufacturing requirements for industry feed production and livestock production. The big advantage of GMP + is that each industrial branch maintains its own system of quality management, in accordance with his individual needs. Among the advantages of GMP + and the fact that an integral component of GMP + is an integrated system for the certification of HACCP.

Certification of Your business in accordance with GMP + standard will allow:

Always be aware of the requirements of the international market of feed and livestock
To strengthen the position of enterprises in the European market
To improve the efficiency of Your business
Reducing the risk of
To win the trust of customers and partners
To guarantee the quality of Your products.

The best food for animals in just six steps

Our skilled and attentive experts to ensure the successful achievement of all of the recommendations of the GMP + standard. They will accompany You throughout all stages of certification.

1. Pre-audit (optional)
The auditors conduct a preliminary audit to determine compliance with the requirements that correspond to the standard. And determine which requirements are already implemented in Your company.
2. Documentation review management

The auditing team determines the extent to which documentation of Your eco-management requirements of the standard GMP+.
3. Certification audit

Your company shows the maintenance management system in accordance with GMP + standard, in practice, our specialists auditors make adjustments.

4. The results of the GMP +certificate.
Once all requirements have been met, and the criteria are met, your company will receive its certificate. The certificate is a guarantee of the integrity of the quality management system and its compliance with the GMP +standard.

5. Surveillance audit
Conduct annual audits and monitoring to support and upgrade of quality systems

6. Certificate renewal
After three years you will undergo a recovery process of certification that ensures continuous improvement of Your company.