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Experts MNC Group continue to conduct training all over Ukraine!

What is the basis of food safety? Is the HACCP system!
HACCP is a documented system that provides hazard analysis and identifying critical control points. Is a system that allows a food enterprise, the results of the risk analysis is to focus control at critical control points.
If no factory will be developed and implemented food safety system, it is unlikely produced safe food products.

Current problem – lack of education of staff in food factories. Not many people even know what HACCP, as well as not all companies can boast of having this system.

But from 2017 the presence of a HACCP required by Ukrainian Legislation. This news was the inspiration of auditors MNC Group to develop and conduct training in all regions of Ukraine. The training is intended for staff of food businesses.

the Staff is one of the components of each enterprise. The current leadership understands the importance of staff training for the development of the enterprise and the production of safe food products.

The incompetence of the employees and their unwillingness to work, will ultimately affect the quality of work and products. For effective work of employees, they must constantly train.

Training and development of personnel provides the company with an increase of professional level of employees, increase of efficiency and quality of work of the enterprise as a whole.

Training is necessary even if the staff is competent and already has a good knowledge base. However, in order for the staff training was really effective, they need to understand what it is they need. Employees need to have strong incentives to learn with full dedication. Therefore, management of the company should help employees understand the importance of learning to explain what benefits it will bring to them.

In the course of collective training personnel to acquire new knowledge and develop useful skills in the professional area. The training itself can take place on Your premises and in the training classes MNC Group.

Provide your employees with opportunities for training, and they will show their limits. Only training and experience can make a person successful!

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