At AGROEXPO 2017 one of our themes – organics!

21-23 September in Kropyvnyts’ke (Kirovohrad) will host an exhibition AGROEXPO 2017. Alexander Smirnov, head of certification direction of MNC Group will be the topics: “Requirements for food safety. The HACCP system. Certification of farms and their products” and “Organic livestock farm. The requirements for obtaining the status of organic farms and their products.”


AGROEXPO – international agricultural exhibition with demonstration of technologies and techniques.

The exhibition program includes:

    1. Exposure of domestic and foreign brands in the pavilion and at open sites in the area of 100 000 m2.
    2. Demonstration of equipment and technologies on grounds of the exhibition complex;
    3. Special events and business forums;
    4. Seminars, expert advice.

The pavilion AGROEXPO equipped three conference halls (for 300, 150 and 120 seats) for seminars, conferences and the like. Meeting rooms are equipped with laptops, projectors, sound equipment.

Becoming increasingly popular organic livestock farm. Hmm, what is it?

currently harder to find for sale products, do non-GMO and grown in a fully organic production. Taking care of your health, a lot of consumers prefer to buy natural products, even if it costs more. The activities of organic farms aimed at growing ECO products.

But there are some organic livestock farms. When creating organic livestock production must make a choice in favor of the types and breeds of animals, with a high threshold of adaptation to local conditions, resistant to various diseases. The advantage should be given to local or breeds adapted to local growing conditions and resistant to diseases. You should avoid specific diseases or health problems of species and breeds, which are grown in traditional manufacturing.

In order to establish organic production is necessary to ensure the feeding of animals on pasture or other land on which there is the production of animal feed.

Inspection and certification of organic farms in Ukraine

the Inspection and certification is essential for organic production.

In organic farming animal welfare is a priority.

First of all, animals need to ensure conditions for growth and development appropriate to their natural genetic potential. This means respecting the physiological and environmental needs of the animals and creation of conditions for expressing natural functions and behavior.