How to get a grant from the EBRD?

Today, in conditions of dynamic changes of the standards and guidelines for the operation of the business as a whole, certification is one of the most reliable ways of ensuring sustainable development and competitiveness of the enterprise. But the development and implementation of management systems according to the requirements of ISO series standards requires a significant financial cost, often unaffordable for young developing companies. That’s why we offer many of their customers to participate in the grant program of the European Bank for reconstruction and development.

The EBRD is an international financial institution that provides grant support to small and medium business in Ukraine in 2010. EBRD helps companies to attract highly qualified consultants and grants (non-repayable financial assistance) for partial payment for their services.

What enterprises can get grant of the EBRD?

The conditions for the grant of the EBRD the following:
• period of activity of the enterprise for at least two years;
• private property, which serves more than 50% belongs to citizens of Ukraine;
• the presence in the state not more than 250 employees;
• a good business reputation;
• positive dynamics of development and the need to engage a consultant.

The Bank may grant to a company working in any industry except insurance, financial, gaming, tobacco, alcohol and military-industrial.

What types of consulting you can get grants from EBRD?

The grants are available for the following types of consultations:
• marketing;
• strategy;
• business planning;
• the introduction of information and communication technologies;
• organizational and operational activities;
• implementation of ISO standards and other industry standards;
• engineering-technical decisions;
• financial analysis and planning, the transition to international financial reporting standards (IFRS);
• environmental management, energy efficiency etc.

Learn more about conditions of participation in the grant program and the possibility of obtaining financial assistance when you order consulting services from our experts.