GlobalG.A.P. is the most widespread system safety certification of agricultural products. It has wide industrial use as the main points of the standard covers the production of almost all agricultural products of plant and animal origin and ensure reliable control of the production chain.

The GlobalG.A.P. standard is good because it gives you an opportunity to assess the safety of not only finished products but also the whole production cycle – growing, primary handling, storage and even delivery to the purchaser. Besides, it is compatible with other international standards – ISO 9001, IFS, BRC, ISO 22000.

The benefits of the apply of the GlobalG.A.P.

System will enable the company:

  • eliminate production risks;to give more credit to the products;
  • to increase the prestige of the company in the eyes of consumers, partners and investors;to compete on the domestic and world market.

The company has GlobalG.A.P. certificate indicates that its products are of high quality and completely safe to use.

Why should you choose certification services in our company?

Our MNC Group offers services for the o certification under the GlobalG.A.P. standard to all agricultural producers.
We Company MNC GROUP:

will spend initial audit farms for compliance with GlobalG.A.P.;

will carry out General preparation of enterprises to certification;

will perform pre-certification audit;

will spend consulting assistance in the certification.

Use the services of professionals MNC Group – the leading international auditors, accredited in the such certification companies as TUV, BVQI, Moody International. Together we will lead your company to a new, higher level of development, improve production efficiency, make it more profitable and successful!