The GMP+ standard contains requirements and conditions to ensure the safety of feed and feed ingredients. It fully covers the entire chain – production, processing, storage, transportation and sales, for all enterprises engaged in the manufacture of food products. Security system feed allows the company to identify unsafe food and sources of contamination.

The GMP+ standard is divided into several parts: General (GMP+B1) and highly specialized. GMP+B1 can be used by companies involved in the production, storage and sale of feed and ingredients for them. This standard is usually developed in conjunction with the quality management system ISO 9001 or build based on it.

Certificate advantages GMP+
The presence of a GMP+ certificate provides an additional guarantee of product quality, making it a full participant in the international feed market. It can also be noted:
• performance improvements and growth of production potential;
• achieve conformity of products to legal requirements and standards;
• creating the reputation of a producer of safe and quality feed;
• increased the company’s rating.

Why should you choose services in our company?
Agricultural market of Ukraine is developing more and more. To support the domestic manufacturer, our company is one of the first in the country trained their specialists to the requirements of the GMP+standard.We are actively cooperating with accredited certification bodies and are always working on the latest version of the standard. Many Ukrainian companies have already used our services. Are you ready to become our client?