Our company MNC Group is one of the few in Ukraine offers services for the certification of the IRIS standard in the railway industry. Its scope is the production of products for railway rolling stock (locomotives, electric locomotives, passenger and freight cars, gondola cars, platforms, components and other equipment). The purpose of the IRIS standard is the establishment of effective management systems that allow for continuous improvements of the enterprise, and reduce and prevent defects in the supply chain of products.

The advantages of IRIS standard

The IRIS standard can be a starting point in the further development of the enterprise.

By management system certification according to International railway industry standard (IRIS) you will get:

  • stable quality of products;
  • increased efficiency of processes throughout the supply chain;
  • prevent multiple audits and cost reduction thanks to the global recognition of the results of this audit.

When implementing the IRIS is used the management tools that are not in the ISO standards is integration management, time management, configuration management, risk management etc. Through their use, the company gets a significant competitive advantage.

Why should you choose certification services in our company?

Take advantage of our services! Auditors MNC Group check a system of IRIS in your company, and will give a verdict whether you meet the standard IRIS.