ISO 14001

ISO 14001 “environmental management System” (EMS) is the main international standard that establishes the principles of the system of ecological management. This document was adopted as a national standard in many countries that are members of ISO, including in Ukraine.

ISO 14001 can be adapted to the specific conditions of the enterprise and is suitable for use in any organization regardless of its activity, size, current level of environmental training and existing environmental risks.

The benefits of certificate ISO 14001

Although certification to ISO 14001 is not mandatory, every year around the world thousands of certificates are issued by many organizations. Improving the company’s interaction with the environment, solving environmental problems is not only a question of prestige.

Among the main benefits of approach an EMS include:

  • reduction of production costs;
  • improving the effectiveness of the organization;
    the company’s activity in accordance with the requirements of legislative acts, which reduces the likelihood of fines;
  • increase the value of the assets of the company;
  • the growing confidence of partners and consumers.

Why should you choose certified services in our company?

Auditors MNC Group have certified by standart ISO 14001 in more than 50 enterprises of Ukraine. They all successfully passed the certification procedure and continue their activities with efficiently functioning SAM.

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