ISO 9001

iso9001Currently ISO 9001 “quality management System” (QMS) is the most common and often implement the standard worldwide. It is a set of requirements for the enterprise. Countries such as China, Italy, Japan, Spain, Russia, and Germany leads in the number of certificates of QMS.

Want your company been made, and further comply with the requirements of ISO 9001? Use the services of specialists of our company MNC Group.

What are the consulting services provided by MNC Group?

Our auditors develop and consistently implement a QMS. To do this:

  • conducted audits;
  • provide training to staff to work according to the requirements of the standard;
  • provides assistance in addressing gaps in the documentation that explains the terms of reference in compliance with ISO 9001;
  • organize training for personnel to ensure the continued effective functioning of the enterprise.

The benefits of ISO 9001 implementation

After ISO 9001 implementation you get:

  • advanced, efficient and easy to understand management system;
  • improve product quality;
  • reduction of production costs, but also reducing the number of complaints;
  • improvement of company image in the eyes of partners and clients;
  • breeding enterprises in the forefront on the regional and sectoral markets;
  • the possibility of entering the international market;
  • growth of capitalization of the company;
  • simplification and cheapening of the process of obtaining various permits;
  • increasing the responsibility, discipline, and focus on the objectives of the company personnel.

We, MNC Group, are activities in the consulting market of Ukraine since 2006. Our specialists successfully developed and implemented the ISO 9001 standard for more than 100 enterprises. All the experts-auditors MNC Group have experience in consulting services in the field of QMS for at least 10 years.

Learn more about ISO 9001 and our work in the field of international standards, contact us by any way convenient for you – by phone, email or by filling in the order form callback.