The autumn course at the GMP+ Academy!

Dear Friends and Colleagues!

the Group of companies MNC Group – official Advisor GMP+International, invites You to attend the training organized by the GMP+Academy on the basis Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies!

GMP+Academy is the only official Academy of the organization of GMP+International, which provides training of personnel on all requirements of GMP+. We invite You to attend the course:

the “Internal audit and evaluation of the scheme the GMP+FSA in accordance with the standards GMP+B1 “Production, trade and services” and ISO 19011:2011″ in the framework of the training “Management of grain quality and economic efficiency of its transportation and processing” which will be held September 14, 2017

The goal of this course is to transfer the experience and learning of the means and methods of preparing and conducting internal audits of scheme of security feeds.

This course is intended for the following categories of students:

    • the

    • leaders of organizations, departments;


    • internal auditors;


    • executives;




  • employees of quality Department of the organization;


At this training You will visit 8 hours lectures and practical assignments. Upon completion of the training students pass the exam and receive a certificate of Internal auditor from the international GMP+ Academy.

When? 14 September 2017!

Where? the Odessa, Kanatnaya str 112

Contact us in any convenient way for You or leave a request!


the training Program

“Internal audit and evaluation of the Scheme the GMP+FSA in accordance with the standards GMP+B1 “Production, Trade & Services “and ISO 19011:2011”

9:00-9:30 Overview of the course, familiarity with the participants

9:30-10:00 Introduction GMP+ International

10:30-11:30 Introduction to the scheme the GMP+ FSA

Basic principles

Structure, definitions, standards

The organization

The benefits of certification

The portal of GMP+: a description of the standards.

11:30-12:00 Important elements of the scheme the GMP+

Involvement and responsible leadership

The scope of the system

Tasks, responsibilities, duties, training

The quality manual, documentation

12:30-13:00 Program prerequisites:

General information



Premises and equipment

Working conditions

13:00-14:30 Principles of HACCP

Preliminary steps: HACCP team, description of processes and products

Hazards, risks, control measures, monitoring and verification

Standards for products

The portal GMP+: informational support (risk assessments, evidence of GMP+)

14:30-15:00 GMP+ Requirements for procurement

General requirements

Principles Gatekeeper

15:00-15:30 Requirements for the transportation

Requirements to storage conditions of

GMP+ Production/carryovers

15:30-16:00 Internal audit. Corrective and preventive actions

16:00-17:00 Final testing. Questions